Configuring Referrer Blocking


This document relates to the CacheFly V1 platform. For documentation relating to the CacheFly V2 platform please see our new Help Guides.



Blocking Referrer Domains stops any traffic that originates from or is referred from the specified domains.

To configure Referrer Blocking for your account, click on Delivery Options and then the Referrer Blocking submenu. The Referrer Blocking screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Follow the steps below to configure Referrer Blocking for your account.


  1. Enter the directory of the referrer being blocked in the Match directory field.
  2. Select allow or deny from the Default rule drop down.
  3. Enter any exceptions to the default in the Exceptions to default rule text box.
  4. Click Add domain to add a domain.
  5. Click Add Empty Referrer to add an empty referrer. An Empty Referrer entry is added to the Exceptions to the default rule box.
  6. Click Add Invalid Referrer to add an invalid referrer. An Invalid Referrer entry is added to the Exceptions to the default rule box.
  7. Click Create. The system confirms that the Rule has been successfully added and it has been added to the "Rule list, as shown in the following illustration.  



Note: You can also click Confirm changes to confirm your changes, or click Show all exceptions to show all exceptions to the Referrer Blocking Rule. You can then click Hide all exceptions to hide the exceptions.

Note: To remove a Referrer Blocking rule, select an entry on the Referrer Blocking list, and then click Remove selected to remove that entry, when necessary. The system displays a Warning message before proceeding with the deletion, to ensure that is your intention, as shown in the following illustration. Click Remove to remove the Rule or click Cancel to close the message without deleting it.





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