Purging Files


This document relates to the CacheFly V1 platform. For documentation relating to the CacheFly V2 platform please see our new Help Guides.



In the case where you've updated objects on your origin or you wish to remove content from CacheFly's edge cache, we provide a simple interface where you can purge objects from within the customer portal. 

To purge files from your account, click on Delivery Options and then the Purge Files submenu. The Purge Files screen, illustrated below, is displayed. 


You'll be presented with three options in this section (1) Purge All (2) Purge a single object or (3) Purge Multiple Objects. 

The top button labeled Purge All will remove all cached objects from all delivery locations. Please be careful in using the Purge All feature as if you have a very large number of objects cached on your CacheFly account, this can be a costly process of re-fetching all files from your origin again. 

Other options are to purge a single or multiple files. 


To purge a single object, be sure that the Single radio button is selected and then enter in the entire path to the cached object. Next click the blue Purge button. Once verified and purged, you'll receive a confirmation as illustrated above. 

To purge multiple objects at once, simply select Multiple and enter in one object path per line and click Purge. You'll receive the same confirmation message on a successful purge. 

Objects are purged from edge cache near instantly and the next request for an object will be re-retrieved from the defined reverse proxy origin domain. 




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