HTTP Status Codes

When using the detailed view option in the reporting suite, you'll find additional fields referred to as "Hits 200" and "Hits 206" and so on. 

These numbers are referring to the HTTP Status codes that CacheFly's delivery edge has responded with. 

An abbreviated explanation of what each code represents is as follows;


200: This status message is the most common successful message. It denotes a normal "send me this file" request.

206: This status message indicates the request included a Range header and it has been fulflilled.

304: This status message indicates the content hasnt changed and the user agent should use the existing content.

403: This status message indicates that the request was recieved but the request won't be fulfilled.


The only other HTTP status code that CacheFly's delivery edge will reply with, is a 504.

A 504 response is only used in the case where a customer is using our reverse proxy service and on a cache-miss, we attempt to retrieve a file form their origin domain without success (e.g. customer origin is down). 



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