Host Manager(Custom Domain Names)


This document relates to the CacheFly V1 platform. For documentation relating to the CacheFly V2 platform please see our new Help Guides.



The Host Manager allows you to setup access to your CacheFly CDN content using your own domain name. To get started, first login to the customer portal and navigate to Delivery Options >> Hostnames


Adding a Hostname


On the Host Manager page we are going to create an "alias" for the sub domain that was created for you when you signed up. Go ahead an fill in the input box with the domain that you would like to use and click on the "Create a new host" button. It should look something similar to the example below.


Once an "Alias" has been created, it will take 5-10 minutes for the changes to propagate out to all of the edge nodes in our network and the new asset URL's to start working. Don't forget that you will also have to setup a CNAME record with your DNS provider. We provide some examples of creating CNAME records here. Once these steps have been completed, your CacheFly CDN content should now be available from the new domain. For example, if you were requesting the following asset:

It would also be available at the following URL as well.


Tip: You can have more than one "Alias" 


Removing a Hostname

You can also remove "Aliases" through the Host Manager. In the screen shot below you can see that we have created two hostnames. One from the example above, and the new one:


 In our example, the new "assets" alias is the one that we want to use and we no longer require other. We will simply click the checkbox next to the aliases that we no longer need and click the "Remove Selected" button. You may want to login to your DNS control panel and remove the CNAME record(s) for any removed Aliases.

If you are still having trouble getting "Aliases" setup, please feel free to contact support for help.


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