Generating an API Key


This document relates to the CacheFly V1 platform.

For documentation relating to the CacheFly V2 platform please see our new Help Guides.

For API documentation please refer to the V2 API documentation.



The API key acts as both a unique identifier and a secret token for authentication, and will have a set of access rights on the API used.

To generate an API Key for your account, click on Account Settings and then the API Key submenu. The Api Key screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Follow the steps below to generate an API Key for your account.



  1. Click Generate API Key. As shown in the following illustration, the Api Key screen changes to display two additional buttons.

  2. Click Display API Key to display the API Key. As shown in the following illustration, the API Key is displayed.

  3. Click Re-Generate API Key to re-generate a new API Key when necessary. The system displays a Warning message before proceeding with the regeneration of a new API Key to ensure that is your intention, as shown in the illustration below. Click Continue Re-Generating to continue or click Cancel to close the message without generating a new API Key.



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