Generating a Protectserve Key


This document relates to the CacheFly V1 platform. For documentation relating to the CacheFly V2 platform please see our new Help Guides.



ProtectServe key is used for signing URLS. Signed urls can limit access to your content. It is based on IP or you can expire a url after a certain amount of time. 

For example, you may have a paywall on you website where content can only be accessed if you are logged in or previously paid for access. You can generate a URL to the content and sign it with the ProtectServe Key. Cachefly will only serve the content if the signed url is valid.

To generate a ProtectServe Key for your account, click on Delivery Options and then the ProtectServe Key submenu. The ProtectServe Key screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Follow the steps below to generate a ProtectServe Key for your account.


  1. Click Generate Key to generate the ProtectServe Key. As shown in the following illustration, the ProtectServe Key is generated and displayed within the Current ProtectServe Key field.

  2.  Click Hide Key if you do not want the ProtectServe Key displayed within this field. As shown in the following illustration, the ProtectServe Key is now hidden.

  3. Click Revoke Key if you would like to revoke the ProtectServe Key that has been generated. The system displays a Warning message, illustrated below, to ensure that is your intention before proceeding with the deletion. Click Yes to revoke the ProtectServe Key, or click No to close the message without deleting it.


    If you have chosen to revoke the ProtectServe Key by clicking Yes, the system confirms the revocation, as shown in the following illustration.

  4. Click Display Key whenever you return to this screen to display the current ProtectServe Key associated with your account.


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