Setup CacheFly with W3 Total Cache Wordpress Plugin

This tutorial assumes you've already setup reverse proxy.


1. Log into your Wordpress Administration panel and navigate to Plugins -> Add new. In the search bar type in "W3 Total Cache" and hit enter. You'll see the following result. Click on the install button and then activate the plugin.



2. Once the plugin is installed and activated you'll now have a Performance option available on the left side navigation bar. You need to navigate to Performance -> General Settings and scroll down to the CDN section. Here we will check the enable box and choose "Generic Mirror" for the CDN Type. Click "Save all settings".



3. Now we need configure W3 Total Cache to replace the domain name on our static files with the domain name where our Cached CDN files are available from. To set the domain name you'll need to navigate to Performance -> CDN and scroll down to where you see the following form. Here you will need to add either your CacheFly given subdomain, or a custom domain that you have setup on our Host Manager page in the customer portal. Click save once your done. Note: By default, custom domains do not support SSL. This requires purchasing SSL support. Please create a sales ticket from within the customer portal for more information on our SSL support for custom domains.




Please be aware that this tutorial is just the basics. The W3 Total Cache Plugin as a lot of options to help you set which of your static files should be served from the CDN as well as other cacheing options such as page cacheing, object cacheing, and database cacheing. Please read the W3 Total Cache documentation on what each of the these settings does. If anything goes wrong you can always disable the CDN on the Performance -> General Settings page under the CDN section.



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