Setup CacheFly with CDN Enabler Plugin for WordPress

This tutorial assumes you've already setup reverse proxy.


In this article, we will take a step-by-step look at how to integrate your CacheFly account with your WordPress site using the CDN Enabler plugin. 

Begin by logging into your WordPress admin dashboard. 

Next click on "Plugins" and then "Add New";


Now at the Plugins main page, click on "Upload Plugin" as seen here;


Here you'll upload the CDN Enabler plugin that you've downloaded from the WordPress Plugin page


Click on choose file and select the that you've downloaded. Click "Install Now". 

Once the plugin has been successfully installed, you will see it in your list of plugins;


Click on the "Settings" link. This will take you to the plugin configuration page;


In the CDN URL field, you will enter in the Domain Name from your Account Details section in the Customer Portal. 

If you've decided to create a CNAME alias for your CacheFly given subdomain, you can use it here as well. 

The Included Directories will be populated by WordPress' default locations for your site's static files. If you've configured additional locations for cachable static objects, you can add those locations here. Keep the Relative Path box checked. 

Click Save Changes and your WordPress HTML source should now be referencing static files from your CacheFly account. 




* The CDN HTTPS field should only be checked if you are using the $ given subdomain. HTTPS (by default) will work only on the subdomain unless you've paid for custom SSL support. If you require custom SSL support, please contact us at for pricing and availability. 


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